Oct 24, 2015

I recently read the bible story of Samson. Its an ‘interesting’ story, in the same way that we often use the word ‘interesting’ to mean ‘unusual’.

Samson’s mum was visited by an angel before Samson was born. The angel announced that Samson was chosen by God to deliver his nation and amongst other things also gave a command that Samson’s hair should never be cut.

As the story continues, Samson is used by God on several occasions, but things quickly turn dark. Samson is deceived by his wife, his hair is cut off and he is captured by his enemies. His eyes are gouged out, he is put in chains, and he is then put on display for his captors.

As I read the story I thought of Samson, humiliated and in disgrace. Shorn of his hair, devoid of God’s empowering presence, missing his eyes, shackled, betrayed by his wife—the woman he loved, Samson is gloated over by his enemies. Worst of all, he is being used as an item of thanksgiving as the Philistines thank their god for delivering Samson to them.

At this point it looks like the story has ended horrendously, with God’s chosen man left alone and hopeless. But all the time God was still at work in Samson’s life. Samson’s captors knew that his strength was linked to his hair, but they overlooked an important fact. Hair grows.

When it looks like all hope is lost we read these words: “but the hair on his head began to grow again.” Judges 16:22.

Samson, the man who was used by God also knew this, believed that God might use him one more time and cried out to God. God dramatically answered his cry.

There are many people who think that God has finished with them, that somehow they’ve missed their moment, or that God has left them on their own. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If that is you, I pray that you will hear God speak to your heart as you read these words… “the hair on his head began to grow again”.

The principle that is true for Samson is true for you.

God hasn’t finished yet!


Thoughts, reflections and insights from some of the TWCF team.


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