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Sunday Gatherings

We meet together at 10am each Sunday in order to be at home in God’s presence and to enable people from all walks of life to encounter God.

This is something Christians have done for thousands of years, initially meeting daily to worship together and receiving teaching. Still today church is a gathering of people who are being changed as they follow Jesus.

We’d love you to join with us on a Sunday, and if you are unsure what takes place, please visit About Church here.

Radiant Kids’ Groups

Crèche: There is a fully equipped and supervised crèche facility which is suitable for children aged 0 – 2 ½. This is available from approximately 10:30am, and we announce when the group is starting. All the children are supervised and are able to engage in a range of age appropriate play activities. Parents bring their child to the session, and are welcome to stay with their children if they wish.

Sparklers: For children are aged 2 ½ – 4 we have a great group called Sparklers which is designed just for them. Sparklers takes the self directed play which children enjoy in crèche and moves towards more structured and supported play and fun times in a loving and supportive environment in which the children learn about God’s love for them. This group is available from approximately 10:30am, and we announce when the group is starting. Parents bring their child to the session and we look after them and make sure they are returned to parents in the main meeting.

Radiant Kids: For those aged 5 to 11, Radiant Kids is a fun and action packed session in which children gather to encounter God’s love and presence through singing, stories, teaching, prayer, games & more. Because there is so much to pack into the programme for Radiant Kids, and because the children are usually bursting to be part of what is going on, the programme starts at 10:15am each week. There is a notice played across both projector screens so that everyone can see when it is time for Radiant Kids to go to their group.

Each child is really important to us and as people arrive at church one of our Radiant Kids team is on hand to greet every child. Each child is registered into the group, and we ask parents some questions about their child to ensure that we can safely look after all children. We’d love you to stay in the church service whilst your children are in Radiant Kids, but we will look after them if you are not able to. We will supervise your children from the time they are registered in at 10:00am through to the time you collect them at 11:30am.

We operate a Child Protection Policy and all of our volunteers and staff are CRB/DBS checked.

If you’d like to find out more, please see the Radiant Kids page here.

Youth on Sundays

We make special provision for those in school years 7 & 8 to support their transition from Radiant Kids into the main church. On alternate weeks we have a discussion and teaching group available during the preaching in the main service.

Ignite Youth Gatherings

In addition to being part of our main Sunday Gathering, our youth have their own time of gathering together when they meet on Friday evenings.

Meeting on Friday evenings every week in term time from 7pm-9pm, the activities for each week rotate, with some weeks being Encounter evenings in which the youth celebrate together with a youth band leading a time of music and worship, great inspirational talks, prayer and a chance to catch up socially.

On these Encounter weeks the youth are encouraged to bring their friends to be part of what is happening. These evenings are loud and inspirational and are open to all who are in school years 7-13.

If you’d like to find out more, please see the Youth page here.

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