Transforming communities with God's love and light

The central story of the bible is of God's redemptive work in people's lives. This unfolding narrative shows that God is always working to restore, rebuild and rescue people.

Today, as we follow Jesus we’ve seen God bring new life and fresh hope to us and to others.

We believe that God wants us to be part of what he continues to do in the world by trusting him and letting his light shine through us into our communities.


Using the richness of biblical imagery, we express our vision for TWCF like this:

We see a radiant church, encountering God and moving in the Spirit.
A faith filled people who demonstrate God’s kingdom and are transformed,
equipped, mobilised and sent daily as part of God’s redemptive purpose for the world.

To help us take practical steps towards making this vision a reality, we follow three simple steps, inspired by the actions of the very first followers of Jesus. 

Gathering together to encounter God
Growing together in God
Going to live for Jesus every day.

In this way we encourage and equip people to connect with God’s presence, power and purpose for their lives and to live for him every day.