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About TWCF Church

TWCF is a gathering of people who are being changed by following Jesus.

We’re far from perfect, completely individual and amazingly diverse. We recognise that life can be messy and chaotic, but as we journey together we are finding freedom, meaning, life and hope in Jesus.

If you are on a journey towards faith in God, whatever stage you are at, there is space for you to take steps forward at your own pace.

Thinking of coming on a Sunday? Here are the top questions people ask…


What should I expect on a Sunday?

When you arrive at the entrance to either of our venues one or two people from the church will greet you as you come in and will help you to find where to go. At the Central Site you’ll be able to grab a drink in our cafe and at either location you can pick up a Connect magazine with the latest news from all around the church.

At our Central site our Sunday services start at 10am, but we open our cafe from 9:30am, so there’s no problem if you arrive earlier than 10am. At our South Site our Sunday services start at 11am, but you are very welcome to arrive earlier than 11am.  At both sites we serve complimentary drinks to everyone in our main hall after each service.

We have a band who play during our services to help us in a time of lively yet informal worship. One of our team will preach a message which is relevant and inspiring and we often have an opportunity to respond to the message during the meeting. Each service is slightly different and at times people choose to share stories from their own lives, some pray and others may share what they believe God is saying to us as a church today. We usually finish with an opportunity to have some time together over fresh cup of coffee (or tea!).

We believe that God loves to help and heal people today and we include times of prayer in our services.


What should I wear?

We usually recommend that people come as they feel comfortable. Most people dress casually, however, with so many people from different backgrounds and cultures we have a wide range of styles and tastes.


What happens for children?

We cater for all children as part of our Sunday programme.

Crèche: There is a fully equipped and supervised crèche facility which is suitable for children aged 0 – 2 ½.

Sparklers: If your children are aged 2 ½ – 4 we have a great group called Sparklers which is just for them.

Radiant Kids: For those aged 5 -11 we have amazing worship teaching and activities.

The children all start in the main service, and the start time for each group is made clear each week.

For more information, please see our full page of information about Radiant Kids here


Where do I park? How do I get to you?

More information is available on the Directions page here.  At the Central Site there is usually plenty of parking available on a Sunday morning in the multi-storey car parks which are situated within a very short distance of the Christian Centre. There is usually a charge for parking in these car parks. At the South Site there is a car park available at the church as well as on-street parking around the building.


I’d like someone to pray for me…

We’ve found again and again that God not only exists but meets us as we come to him. We’ve had the privilege of praying with hundreds of people and seeing some amazing breakthroughs as God changes our situations around. We’d love to pray with you if you would like us to. Please let us know by getting in touch with us via the contact page or by coming along and responding during one of the opportunities that are given for people to receive prayer during the services.


What else is going on through the week?

There are different activities taking place during the week at TWCF for everyone and the details of many of these are available on this site.


Once I’ve been on a Sunday, how do I get more involved?

When you come on Sunday we hope you’ll want to come back and find out more. To help you get into the life of the church we regularly run an introductory course called Getting Connected which will introduce you to some of our leadership team and give you the opportunity to ask any questions about the church. More details can be found here.


I’ve got a question which wasn’t answered here…

We’ve answered a few of the most frequently asked questions here and are very happy to try to answer any others you may have. Please feel free to contact us using the form on the contact page, or click here.

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